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Eheim 2211 Canister filter is coming out of retirement, perfect for nanos

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Once upon a time, the Eheim 2011 was the shorty in the world famous line of Eheim canister filters. When power filters and larger tanks started to dwindle the market for small canisters, the 2011 was retired and the aquarium world was left to their own devices for filtering the 10-25 gallon range of aquariums. With the resurgence of small aquariums, nano tanks and lots and lots of planted tanks, Eheim saw the opportunity to bring back their petite canister filter and give it a makeover in the Eheim 2211. Rated at 80 gallons per hour with a power consumption of five watts, the Eheim 2211 is plenty of filtration for a whole host of small aquarium applications. Sure you could spend half of the estimated $80-90 msrp on internal and power filters but if space or aesthetics are a concern, the Eheim 2211 is a much better candidate. Furthermore, the much larger volume of the 2211 means that it can hold more mechanical and biological filter media, so you don’t have to get all up in your filter nearly as often. The Eheim 2211 should already be stocked at finer Eheim dealers everywhere.

  1. HI Jake,

    Sure the 2211 is a great idea for the nanos, althougt Eheim has a new nano filter. Eheim AquaCompact.

    I sometimes used the 2211 for an anti-phosphate dosis to my aquarium.

  2. I love this filter.

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