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Badis juergenschmidti recently described from Myanmar

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Badis juergenschmidti male photographed by Ingo Schindler.

Badis juergenschmidti is a new species of Indo-Burmese freshwater fish from the family Badidae which was recently described from specimens collected in Myanmar. Badis juergenschmidti differs from similar Badis species by it’s distinct lack of an opercular spot, and the bright white margins of it’s unpaired fins. The largest specimen, the Holotype of Badis juergenschmidti , measures in a just under 35mm, or about 1.5 inches long. This may seem small but it is still much larger than other more diminutive Badis species which rarely reach over an inch long. A male Badis juergenschmidti is pictured above without any bars, but males appear to display this barring pattern at will. Badis juergenschmidti has already been spawned in captivity and it has been discovered to be a cave-spawning species with young being under parental care for about 7 days. Badis juergenschmidti was described by Ingo Schindler and Horst Linke in the latest issue of Vertebrate Zoology. More and larger images of Badis juergenschmidti can be seen on the Mesonauta website.

  1. i had never seem this kind of fish.It is wonderful!

  2. Your post is very interesting . Thanks for sharing it. I want to read more about it.

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