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DiscusBook 01 is a fresh new look at wild discus and their habitats from Heiko Bleher

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DiscusBook 01 is a new book from AquaPress Bleher which aims to bring some fresh new information about discus fish in the wild and their habitat. Legendary Amazonian explorer Heiko Bleher wrote this book to document new and old wild discus strains, other species that are found in similar habitats and a wealth of new information about Amazon fish which is still uncommon knowledge.

In addition to the information about Symphisodon species, DiscusBook 01 also divulges on new dwarf cichlid and angelfish strains as well as some spectacular Loricariids suckermouth catfish. If you’re an avid discus fan or just want to know more about the Amazon from the point of view of an aquarium fish explorer, DiscusBook 01 is available from Discus South for £19.95, plus £2.35.

[via PFKmag]

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